There's a reason they call it the "million dollar walk."

No recruitment activity impacts yield efforts like the all-important campus visit. 

It's a statement that, as seasoned former admissions pros ourselves, we support enthusiastically. Together we help visitors tap into the ethos of your community and leave campus with a clear vision of who you are and whether or not you are the place for them. 

The challenge is, with each passing year, things change: Your campus changes. Your staff changes. Tour guides graduate. Visitors come to campus with different expectations. That's why the most successful leaders make visit consulting a recurring budget line item. 

What's In It For You?

Clients consistently tell us that their partnership with
Render has helped them: 

  • Increase guests' time spent on campus
  • Improve visit survey results
  • Convert more visitors to applicants and applicants to enrolled students (increased yield)
  • Create buy-in campus-wide for the importance of visit and event efforts
  • Influence "buzz" and positive word of mouth for the school
  • Gain support for campus improvements
  • Build admission staff satisfaction and retention
  • Increase ambassador/tour guide engagement and accountability 
  • Create beautiful and functional spaces for productive conversations
  • Help presidents, boards, and cabinets understand current trends and the need for change

But don't take our word for it. Check out the case studies below to learn more about our work and client success. 

Deborah Snelgrove

Deborah Snelgrove

I have a baseline on this, but I really would love some Render thinking to make it extra special.
— Deborah Snelgrove, Director of Visits/Events, Undergraduate Admissions The George Washington University

where it all goes down in the dining hall...

Gareth Fowles and the team at Lynn worked with Render to re-engineer a campus visit that truly connects prospects with students, faculty, coaches and staff.  

Learn more...

Big change in Big Rapids, Michigan

In a crowded Michigan marketplace, the spirited team at Ferris State banded together to address campus priorities and make serious change happen for their campus visit program. 

Find out how...

Customizing accepted student visit experiences

Cornell wanted to connect admitted students to Ithaca, the campus at large, their chosen College, and most importantly, each other.  


Client "Brag-Book"

For years, Render has worked with Birmingham Southern College to reimagine and reinvent their incredibly successful "Select Southern" admitted student event.