One common theme unites our work:
It's all about your guests—and your goals. 

Render is experienced in helping clients with a variety of visit-related topics. Hire us to audit your daily visit program, educate staff, train student guides, help plan for a new visitor center, or whatever project you think we can help you improve.

  • Traditional Daily Campus Visit Audit
  • Student Ambassador Program Development & Oversight
  • Tour Guide Training Workshops        
  • New Visit Coordinator Training
  • Accepted Student/Yield Visit Ideation
  • Admissions Staff Workshops
  • Special Event Audit (Admitted Student Days, Open Houses, Orientation, etc.)
  • Understanding Generations (Presentations/Workshops/Staff Retreats)
  • New Visitor Center/Space Planning
  • Visit Staffing Needs Assessment
  • Gaining Campus Support and Buy-In
  • Faculty and Staff Education
  • President/Board/Cabinet Presentations

Our Process

We start by listening—both to what you think you need and what you know you want. We'll schedule a simple phone call (or in-person meeting if you prefer) so we can discuss your priorities, pain points, and reasons for wanting to learn more. Then we'll put together a customized proposal based upon what we heard about your goals, budget and timeline. No strings, no commitments. Just some consultants excited to learn more about you. 

In addition to our time on campus, you'll receive:

  • A fresh perspective and objective, experienced "set of eyes" on your campus visit program or event; 
  • Post-Visit Reports and/or Executive Summary documents recapping our visits and highlighting recommendations; 
  • Access to us, as your consultants. We encourage you to reach out with questions or ideas whenever you have them. The more interaction we have, the better. We never charge time or money for your emails, calls or video chats throughout (and even after) our contracted engagement.

Cost & Timeline

Is it worth it? Our clients tell us it’s the best money they’ve ever spent. 

Our process is customized, and so is our pricing. But while we can visit for as little as one day—and make recommendations that will start to help right away—our most successful partnerships have been regular engagements over the course of months or years. Essentially, you are buying our time to address what we both agree will be most beneficial.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us and we’ll talk needs and numbers.

What We Don't Do

While Render can help with vast and varied projects, we won't:

  • Act like "yes men." We'll tell you our honest perspective,
    but do so with positive tone. You are paying us to have an opinion.
  • Kill trees. No paper reports in huge three-ring binders. We provide advice you can act on right away and concise PDF reports designed to be shared with your team and campus leaders.
  • Have a magic bullet (because there isn’t one).
  • Fix your enrollment overnight. Our work is part of the solution.
  • Give you cookie-cutter solutions. We create solutions and suggestions that are authentic for you.

Signature Presentations

  • “Steps To Being Memorable”
    Render’s signature student tour guide workshop. This is a three-hour, highly interactive intensive that focuses on helping student ambassadors understand the value of storytelling and revealing their authentic student experience. We’ll reinforce their incredible importance (i.e. “They are the most important person in this process!”)—then we’ll wrap up with our “Render Basics,” our tips and best-practices for giving tours, handling difficult questions and people, and common missteps we see on tours throughout the country.
  • “It Takes a Campus (To Stage a Campus Visit)”
    A campus-wide presentation to faculty, staff, and administration. We feature work we’ve done to improve the campus visit, explain the importance of the campus visit to the overall health of your enrollment, reveal best practices, and "make the ask" for assistance with constant improvements. Previous workshop attendees have told us this was a "game-changer" on their campus in terms of garnering an understanding and respect for the important role of campus visits and events in recruitment. 
  • “After Millennials” (Understanding Homeland/GenZ—and their GenerationX parents)
    A campus-wide presentation to faculty, staff, and administration. After two decades of recruiting and enrolling Millennials (and their Baby Boomer parents) this workshop raises the importance of learning about and understanding the seismic generational shift happening on college campuses as post-9/11 Homeland/GenZ and their GenerationX parents are now the target audience. It provides historic background on American generations and key insights into understanding and connecting with this new student/parent cohort, with special attention to your campus visit. Clients tell us it also has provided added value for helping understand generational differences in the workplace as more Millennials are in the ranks of staff and faculty. 

Interested in hiring us to speak? Render consultants are popular presenters at conferences and campus events nationwide.  Contact or fill out our contact form on the site for more information.  

Experience Excursions

Step away from campus and come learn one-on-one with the Render team in a hub of experiences and our former hometown, Atlanta, GA. Called "today's new epicenter of media, culture and innovation" by AdWeek Magazine. Offered exclusively to clients as part of a broader campus visit consultation.