One common theme unites our work:
It's all about your guests—and your goals. 

Render is experienced in helping clients with a variety of visit-related topics. Hire us to audit your daily visit program, educate staff, train student guides, help plan for a new visitor center, or whatever project you think we can help you improve.

The Process

Welcome to our page of offerings. It’s totally okay if you just came here for pricing, but we also want to explain the process of what we do. Every consult is different because every school has different wants, needs, and goals, so we outlined the basics for you. 

Prior to hiring us, we need you to do a few things. Consulting is a team sport and we can only help you as much as you help us.

Step 1: Identify the current state of your campus visit.

  • What are your pain points, goals, and what’s going well?

  • What brought you to our site in the first place?

Step 2: Review the offerings.

  • You made it here! Now it’s time to look through what we do. Everything can and will be customized to fit the goals and challenges of your institution. 

Step 3: Get in touch.

  • We love phone calls and are ready to set one up with you to talk through options. Contact us here so we can put you on our calendars.

Step 4: Proposal time!

  • After our phone call, we will draft a proposal that can be shared with leadership. It will be full of explanations and references from our wonderful clients to help make our (your’s and Render’s) case.

Step 5: Decisions, decisions.

  • Once a proposal is delivered, the pricing and project outline is good for 60 days. After 60 days, we’ll want to review and update the proposal. We won’t bother or pester you while you’re pondering our proposal. If the timing isn’t right, don’t be afraid to tell us. If it is though, we’re ready to get started.

So, now that you’ve been briefed, let’s talk offerings. As you are on the lookout for your best fit student, please review our offerings to find your best-fit consult:


A couple notes on cost: 

Render’s pricing is flat-rate, in other words it is not dependent on the number of team members visiting campus. In some cases, we may choose to send up to three team members based on the schedule of the particular visit and the goals we want to accomplish together. On most visits, two Render consultants will be on campus to maximize time and brainstorming.

Travel is not included in any of the listed costs. Travel costs are defined as expenses incurred as a result of: 

  • Travel to and from campus;

  • Ground transportation (including rental car if necessary); and 

  • Lodging.

All other costs (including meals) are covered by Render Experiences. 


Just want to know more about our Signature Presentations? We have descriptions listed here!