And just like that, it’s October! Though our Septembers always seem to be busy, we love getting to see all our clients back at school, through ambassador trainings, and at the NACAC conference! Shout out and major thanks to everyone who stopped by the Render Big Table for campus visit conversation and chocolate. 

Speaking of nuggets of wisdom, we have 2(!!) new podcasts up. Check them out on SoundCloud or Apple Podcasts!

Today it’s important to be present, be relevant and add value.
— Nick Besbeas


If you’re in the boat of having too many visitors, a question we always ask is “Are you qualifying which audience is right to visit campus?” We’re so afraid to turn people away or give them an alternative visit in order to focus on our best-fit audience. This new company, Wone, isn’t afraid of limiting their customer base. In fact, you have to apply to be a customer. The CEO and her team take time to filter through social media to see if you are the right person to be their consumer.


We are intrigued by HBO’s new documentary series, Student Athlete. From HBO’s website, this series “will explore the how student-athletes are impacted by the financial incentives of college sports.” 



Vacations are always a source of experiential fodder. From a recent vacation in Grand Cayman, check out this photo from one of the restaurants. So many of us struggle with the inappropriate questions parents ask of tour guides and admissions staff. Is there a softer way for you to create a “What Not To Ask” list?