May 2018

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“The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.”
— Roy H. Williams


New York Today: Smelling Your Way to Work

We’re constantly pointing out to clients how you can smell laundry being washed as you approach a residence hall, that “fried food” smell as you approach a dining hall, even the bleach or chlorine smell inside a recreation center. All those smells are just as much part of the visit experience as seeing campus itself. Don’t believe us on the power of smell? Check out this New York Times article about smelling tours in New York City.


It’s that time of year. We start seeing commercials about sending high school students off to college. Target, Walmart, The Container Store - they all weigh in on what your child needs as they prepare to move to campus. This week, a new commercial appeared during local morning news in Hanover, New Hampshire. Sponsored by GSK, these commercials attack the fear Generation X parents feel about sending their child out of their protected homes to a new unknown. Check out this older version too. 



Montreal’s Mile End is a historic neighborhood in the French-Canadian city, known for its blend of new eateries and old world bakeries and coffee shops. This month, our Senior Consultant, Brittney Joyce experienced a 3-hour food tour through the neighborhood. The best part? The food, of course. Second best part? The handout. Each attendee was given a booklet outlining the route they tour would take and exactly what to expect at each stop. It kept all the guests excited about the next item on the agenda, and never left us feeling lost.