MARCH 2019

Happy April y'all! Welcome to the final yield push (well until summer, but let's take it one season at a time)! It's hard to believe how many yield and accepted student events can fit between now and May 1, but we wish you luck!

Conference season is also starting and we are heading to SACAC this weekend. We are excited to head back to our old home base and hope you all stop by our booth (#24!).

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Merely looking at the world around us is immensely different from seeing it.
— Frederick Frank


How Parents Are Robbing Their Children of Adulthood

We’ve been talking with clients, presenting at conferences, and preaching about today’s Generation X parents for more than 2 years. Amidst the college admissions scandal, now the world is waking up to a new style of parent - the snowplow (we’ve also aligned their behavior to stealth fighter, submarine, lawnmower, and curling). Even though one parent in the article describes their behavior as “co-piloting,” we beg to differ. It seems today’s parents are fully in control and making all the decisions. 

Human Contact Is Now a Luxury Good

What would happen if GenerationX came together to fight again Boomer narcissism and Millennial Entitlement? Discussed in this month’s short episode of Render’s Experiences, the Luxury Institute has new data that shows wealthy Americans are putting up their screens in favor of human contact. Does this mean that admission counselors and ambassadors are more important than ever? Or does it mean finding a balance between humanity and technology to appeal to all prospective students across socioeconomic classes?


The Case Against Adnan Syed

If you’re a lover of podcasts, and in particular Serial by NPR’s This American Life, you more than likely are also watching HBO’s The Case Against Adnan Syed. This documentary is proof of the power of social moments and how a global community breathed new life into a case via crowd-sourcing on Reddit. The power of Reddit has always made us ponder, what are prospective students saying/asking about you on platforms like Reddit (and what are you doing to manage it)?


PAX East, Boston 2019. 

PAX is a series of gaming conventions held across the globe, founded by the authors of the popular web comic Penny Arcade and dedicated to supporting and celebrating video and tabletop gaming. Render’s Brittney Joyce watched from afar as her 14-year-old son, Cameron, attended this year’s Boston convention, and she fell in love with his name badge. We love the humor in how PAX sets expectations for their guests. How can you use some humor to set the tone for behavior/parent questions?