July 2018

Wow, August already. We hope preparation for the Fall 2018 semester is going well!  

There is a new Render's Experiences podcast up. This month, Brittney recalls her recent experience with good food and a great tour guide.

How are you training your ambassadors this fall? If you are in the Northeast, we highly recommend {More} Steps To Being Memorable. Check the link to find out more and get your team registered.

“Innovation needs to be part of your culture. Customers are transforming faster than we are, and if we don’t catch up, we’re in trouble.”
— Ian Schafer


How Brands Are Making Pop-Up Shops More Interactive and Instagrammable Than Ever

Pop-up shops are popping up all over the place (see what we did there?). If brands can easily execute these pop-ups with big impact, could you? Think of all the possibilities for pop-up “open houses” with admission and financial aid chats.

These Boutique Hotels Are Elevating the College Town Experience

More and more, entrepreneurs are recognizing the college search process as a lucrative prospect to stage experiences for weary family travelers. Ben Weprin is no exclusion, as he launches a brand of boutique hotels called The Graduate. Each hotel will be in a college town and incorporate elements of each institution. So, ponder… if this is the kind of brand experience guests are having at his hotels, will your welcome center and visit live up to this hype? 


Last Chance U on Netflix. Season 3 finds us at Independence Community College in Independence, KS (a departure from East Mississippi Community College in the first two seasons). This documentary follows football players regrouping at the JuCo level after failed D1 experiences. We found this documentary particularly powerful in the exploration of the student-athlete, the commentary on how student-athletes are recruited, and how an institution’s lack of resources impacts their academic and social success. 


The Marketplace Podcasts 
We often say, look outside of higher education for inspiration toward a better campus visit experience. The extra layer is to understand today’s current business economy coupled with how global and American history impacts business. These podcasts give you both current and historical context to keep you informed. 




On a recent trip to NYC, Brittney and family stopped by a Chobani Cafe. As big fans of their yogurt, the opportunity to custom-build your own Chobani yogurt from their ingredients was fun and pulled us into the brand.

Pictured: Brian Joyce and his yogurt concoction featuring mint, orange slices, and dark chocolate chunks.