January 2018

Every month we will be rounding up all the best things we've read, watched, or experienced and sharing it all with you! 

If you don't have time to read, listen to Render's Experiences. Join us in the Render Rental Car. This week we are talking about campus visit lessons from IKEA's new initiatives.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”
— Socrates


Banking on Youth

“How much does it cost and what do I get for it?” We hear this basic two-part question over and over again during our campus visits. Why? Well, historical events of our youth impact us. Research shows the Great Recession profoundly impacted Gen Z.  Research finds they are more frugal, career/income-focused and, as this article states, more financially literate than their Millennial predecessors. So it’s time to rethink the theme and content of our information session and enrollment marketing. Outcomes matter, graduation rates matter, student indebtedness matters. Don’t bury costs, value, and aid. Lead with them and you’ll connect better with these students and their parents when they visit your campus.

How to Market a College in a Troubled Locale

A great article about turning a perceived negative (in this case, location) into a meaningful part of a student’s experience. Best tip for your campus visit? The team at Wayne State hands out cards to campus faculty, staff, and students when they spot “radical acts of hospitality” toward campus visitors. It’s a brilliant way to recognize members of their community for being welcoming and modeling their community.



Undercover High

A handful of 20-somethings head back to high school undercover in A&E’s new series, Undercover High. Good commentary surrounding social media, the speed at which friendships develop (and unravel), and the extent to which cultural and social issues are discussed.  


Where other mall retailers are dying, the Apple Store continues to make major sales in their stores. We imagine their success is in part due to the amount of sensory engagement in their stores. Apple allows you to test drive all products before buying. Beyond looking and listening, how are your guests engaging all their senses on tour? 

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 5.15.48 PM.png

We still talk about Anna, our tour guide the first time we toured Ohio State back around 2008. She was a dynamo. Small in stature but powerful in presence. She told stories, managed the tour group and engaged all the senses. 

At a busy crosswalk, she asked a student to hit the crosswalk button, “You’ll do that a lot while you’re a student, so practice now.” (touch)

While waiting for the light she loudly said, “Here comes a bus, close your eye and breathe in the bus fumes!” She went on to talk about Columbus being the 14th largest city and all the opportunities. (smell and sound)

When entering a first-year residence hall she handed our ID card to another student saying, “Again you’ll do this now countless times so do it now. (touch) 

She had us close our eyes again by Mirror Lake, juxtaposing that tranquil setting to the city streets (sound) and invited us to dip our hand in the spring fountain marking the original spot OSU was founded. (touch)

We went into an echo art installation and should “Go Buckeyes!” (sound) and sat in a classroom (sense of the butt) where the size and scale of being and weekly schedule of being an OSU student was demystified.

And, when we returned to the Visit Center we got a chocolate and peanut butter buckeye when the evaluation was submitted.


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