The times are changing. We attended the 2019 NACAC Annual Conference where assembly delegates voted to approve the removal of provisions in the Code of Ethics and Professional Practice at the center of a Department of Justice antitrust investigation. What might this mean for the campus visit? We'll publish a new episode of Render's Experiences this Thursday, October 3rd, pondering the implications.

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.”

— Will Rogers


Come On In

The control freak in some of us finds this stress-inducing; others think these kinds of lobbies or common spaces are inviting and comforting. We’ve seen a few institutions create “welcome centers” in common spaces of academic buildings and student unions. Without walls or a truly dedicated space, are those spaces more on trend than a big, stand-alone visitor center? Signal the rules and expectations to keep a current student from snoozing directly next to your visitor. 

Kits for Kids’ Sleepovers, Parents’ Ambien Not Included

You’ve heard us say it before - “It’s all about the experience.” Sometimes the Experience Economy is a force of good (like when applied to the campus visit experience). Other times, it’s creates an industry or experience that shocks (possibly compels rage). Enter sleepover party kits. The evolution of celebrating a child’s birthday from agrarian times to now outsourcing an experience is astounding. Leaves us wondering though - if this is their idea of an average sleepover, what must they think during an overnight visit in your residence halls? 


The Factory

When a Chinese billionaire re-opens a factory in Ohio and hires 2,000 American employees, viewers watch as a clash of Chinese expectations clash with how Americans define freedom.  

Country Music: A Film by Ken Burns

A refreshing look at American history through the eyes of documentarian Ken Burns as he explores the roots and evolution of country music. For bonus fun, check out the commercial by Bank of America promoting the series.


Photo opportunities. You have them (or want them). Visitors love (and want) them. So, why do we hold them hostage? Don’t make us trek through grass, mud, or gravel to get to your photo opportunity (and certainly don’t put a sign telling us not to approach it/touch it). We get that you might not want people standing or climbing on art… but ponder the risk vs. reward. Recently on a trip to visit the University of Nebraska Kearney, we were thankful for the sidewalk leading out to this large bison statue at the Great Platte River Road Archway Monument. Thank you, Kearney, for giving visitors the path to capture this memory.