Render Experiences & Nord Anglia Education

North American MAC Workshop


It was an honor for Render's Jeff Kallay and Brittney Joyce to be part of your Nord Anglia North America MAC Workshop.

Click the Jeopardy and presentation images at the bottom of the page to access both. (The presentation is a chunky monkey file - 159MB.)

This page is designed for you to continue the learning and stage your own "Experience Excursion" using the $10 Starbucks and $15 Apple gift cards, then share content with us. 

Each school that completes the post workshop Experience Excursion wins! Your "trophy" will be shipped to you.


Experience Excursion


Go to a Starbucks location. Preferably one that your students or parents are most likely to visit.

  • Get your beverage, sandwich or pastry (or all three, we won't judge)
  • Watch, listen, and grade that location based upon the tenets of the experience economy (post your review here)
  • Log onto their wifi and move on to the next portion (you can plan it at Starbucks or even purchase, download, watch and then add content while there)


Visit the iTunes Store and:

  • Create a playlist of 3-5 songs that you define as the soundtrack of your generation
  • Watch a Millennial related movie or TV show
  • Or take a break from Millennials and watch a Gen X themed movie

Millennial Viewing Options

Bring It On
Girls (HBO)
High School Musical
Legally Blonde
Lion King
Lost In Translation
Search Party (TBS)
The Harry Potter series
The Little Mermaid
The Nanny Diaries
The Perfect Score
The Social Network

Gen x viewing options

Breakfast Club
Dazed & Confused
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Mall Rats
Pretty in Pink
Reality Bites
Say Anything
Weird Science

These are just some Render favorites. Feel free to choose your own movie/TV show that you feel exemplifies the difference in the generations. 

Let us know what you learned. 

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