Experience Excursions

Experience is everything. We often look outside of higher education for inspiration in the experience economy. As an exclusive part of the client experience, we offer excursions in Atlanta led by Render team members to gain another viewpoint on the staging of experiences.


The ATL — capital of Georgia and the New South, Atlanta is a Sunbelt boomtown and experiential hub.

Tied for #3 of cities with the most Fortune 500 companies (UPS, Home Depot, Delta, Southern Company) and the world’s busiest airport (serving 94,430,785 passengers last year); Atlanta is all about business.

#6 in college student population is becoming a more popular “college city” and many stay after they graduate and others move after graduating from college all over the country. A young, youthful city, Atlanta is experiencing a major urban renewal. A recent study places Georgia as the No. 1 Major Film production. Ahead of UK, Canada and California.

Centennial Olympic Park

Most of the experiences are located in Downtown Atlanta, centered around Centennial Olympic Park, adjoining Pemberton Place in the Fairlie-Poplar Historic District.

The 1996 Centennial Olympic Games ushered in the first wave of urban renewal. The park was home to media centers, sponsor pavilions and gatherings. The relocation of The World of Coca-Cola from Five Points/Underground Atlanta kickstarted the “experiences” development in the area and around the park.

The Georgia Aquarium was a gift from Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus (the other co-founder, Arthur Blank owns the Falcons and spearheaded development of the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium).

Coca-Cola also donated the land for the Center for Civil and Human Rights.


Excursion Options 


World of Coca-Cola

The World of Coke constantly reinforces the three things they want you to remember: the people that make up the Coke brand globally, the product and the polar bears. Lesson to be learned: Storytelling, brand immersion, reinforcement of “3 things”, memorabilia.

The Center for Civil and Human Rights

A powerful use of technology and interactive elements to draw you into a highly emotional subject. Lesson to be learned: emotional engagement.

College Football Hall of Fame

Recently relocated from South Bend, this new location is one of the best experiences for hands-on, engaging/interactive technology, and mass customization. Lesson to be learned: active participation, creating your own guest content, RFID technology

Porsche Experience Center Atlanta

Hands on, sensory engagement participating in a test-drive with an instructor in your choice of Porsche vehicle. Included in the experience is time spent at the Porsche Museum on site to learn about the history of the brand. Lesson to be learned: sensory engagement and interactive immersion in the brand.

Delta Flight Museum

Housed in an airplane hanger, this museum includes a lot of hands-on technology in a space not typically built to house visitors. Lesson to be learned: high touch, high tech, authenticity and a good example of "wide open spaces”

Logistics & Typical Schedule

Clients arrange and pay for hotel and transportation to/from Atlanta.

Render team to provide transportation to/from the airport and during the excursion.

Experience admission fees and incidentals are invoiced to clients after excursion.

This is just an example of a typical Experience Excursion schedule. Your Experience Excursion will be customized to your goals within a Render Consultation.

Day One

Morning: Travel to ATL

Kick-Off Lunch with Render Team

Afternoon: 1 or 2 Experiences

Debrief Dinner 

Day Two

Early Morning: Driving tour of ATL and/or visit local campuses

Late Morning: 1 Experience

Debrief Lunch

Afternoon: Depart ATL

Vice Presidents living the dream as College GameDay special guests . Scott Rhodes, Florida Polytechnic University, and Reggie Hill, University of the Ozarks, at the College Football Hall of Fame

Vice Presidents living the dream as College GameDay special guests. Scott Rhodes, Florida Polytechnic University, and Reggie Hill, University of the Ozarks, at the College Football Hall of Fame

We stand not as much as a gateway to the South but as a gateway to a new time, a new era, a new beginning for the cities of our land.
— Maynard H. Jackson Jr., Mayor of Atlanta, 1974-1982 and 1990-1994