Events & Yield

Best Fit:

Is the event planning binder cracking at the seams? It’s probably time to change it up. Let’s plan an event for the prospective students of today, not ten years ago. 

Main Priorities: 

  • Improve events for prospective students

  • Craft accepted student events

What it looks like:

  • In advance:

    • You provide data and information - past event schedules, evaluations

    • We evaluate and head to the website to register for a visit.

  • One full day on campus: 

    • You have options on how to use this: 

      • We attend and audit the event. Then provide you with a traditional audit report.

      • We spend our time on campus brainstorming and planning for future events. We find that this is the best use of time and resources.

  • Post-Visit Report that includes:

    • audit/review of the current event (from your website and registration to the follow-up email),

    • recommendations and best practices for campus visit updates.

  • Debrief Conference call:

    • After you’ve digested the report we’ll field your questions and clarify any recommendations made on campus or in the report.

Cost: $12,000 + travel