November 5-8 2017 | South Padre Island, TX

Render Experiences’ Principal Jeff Kallay is the conference's keynote speaker and will present the following sessions:

After Millennials
After two decades of recruiting and enrolling Millennials (and their Baby Boomer parents) this presentation raises the importance of learning about and understanding the seismic generational shift happening on college campuses as post-9/11 Homeland/GenZ and their GenerationX parents are now the target audience. It provides historic background on American generations and key insights into understanding and connecting with this new student/parent cohort and provides added value for helping understand generational differences in the workplace as more Millennials are in the ranks of staff and faculty. 
Sunday, November 5 - President's Banquet and Opening Session

"How's the food?" (The New Campus Visit FAQ)
Why are questions about food, housing, transportation, parking & safety now prominent on campus tours? Come learn more about GenX parents, their Homeland/GenZ students, why they're asking these FAQ, how to best answer them while improving your campus visit.
Monday, November 6 - Session Presentation about Campus Visits