September 14-16, 2017 | Boston, MA


Exhibit #731

Let’s talk about your campus visit.

The historic Boston Tea Party was a pivotal moment in the revolution. It began with a conversation.

In that spirit of change and overthrowing the past, we invite our clients and future clients to join us to talk about the campus visit.

We've designed our exhibit with comfortable conversations and hearty hugs as the goal.

Join us in Boston!

Revolutionary Thinking at a Render Round Table

Preconference Seminar and Session Presentations

Render Principals, Jeff Kallay and Trent Gilbert, will present  Enrollment Marketing: Wicked Smaht Strategies to Recruit to GenZ as part of the NACAC Preconference Seminar. This new generation has been brought up in an entirely digital world—smart phones in hand, addicted to tech, and busy building their online personas. To help navigate what’s in (and out) with this fast-moving cohort, come learn from four higher education marketing experts about the “Who,” “Where,” “What,” and “How” to market to Gen Z!
Preconference Seminar - Thursday, September 14

Render's Brittney Joyce to participate in Swiping Right on an Admission Career: Guiding Students into Higher Education. Tour guide turns admission pro? How can we best support standout students looking for career opportunities in college admission? What can students do as undergrads to prepare themselves? What are their misconceptions about the job? How can we expose them to the behind-the-scenes aspect of our everyday work and resources for undertaking the higher education job search process? Hear strategies for supervising these millennials in the workplace. Bring your ideas, and join the interactive discussion.

  • Melissa Cline, Associate Director of Admission, Furman University
  • Eric Ahlstrand, Senior Assistant Director of Admission, Dartmouth College
  • Rex Oliver, Assistant Director of Recruitment, Texas Tech University

D-Block on Friday, September 15 - 1:30 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.