Campus Visit Consulting

Best Fit:

Your visit needs help and so do you. We audit and help brainstorm next steps in the creation of a campus visit that highlights your institution and the student that belongs there. Also, campus buy-in is more important than ever, so we make sure everyone is on the same page with who is coming to campus and why they need to be there to help. 

Main Priorities:

  • Assess current daily visit experience

  • Recommendations for improvement

  • Gain campus-wide support for the visit

  • Tour Guide training and development 

What a Consult looks like:

  • In advance:

    • You provide data (visit numbers, conversion rates, survey results) and information (strategic plans, branding, recruitment publications).

    • We evaluate and head to the website to register for a visit.

  • Three full days on campus: 

    • Discovery: the basic audit that will give us an idea of campus culture and identify areas for improvement 

    • Brainstorming & Accountability: a day of meetings to help talk through changes already done or in the works. This includes meetings with leadership and campus partners to increase awareness, buy-in and support of building a better campus visit experience

    • Education: Presentations and workshops 

  • Post-Visit Reports for each day on campus:

    • An audit report from our day of discovery 

    • Executive summaries for the following days 

  • Debrief Conference calls:

    • After you’ve digested the reports we’ll field your questions and clarify any recommendations made on campus or in the reports.

Cost: $36,000 + travel