Campus Visit Audit

Best Fit: 

Your current visit is not broken but could use some help. You need a fresh set of eyes on campus because it kind of feels like that couch in the lobby from 10 years ago. Sure, it’s comfortable but way out of date style-wise and only staff members seem to like it. 

Main Priorities:

  • Assess current daily visit experience

  • Recommendations for improvement

What an Audit looks like:

  • In-depth reviews:

    • You provide data (visit numbers, conversion rates, survey results) and information (strategic plans, branding, recruitment publications).

    • We evaluate and head to the website to register for a visit.

  • One full day on campus: 

    • Render consultants participate in both a morning and afternoon campus visit to understand your challenges and identify areas for improvement. 

    • We also spend time meeting with your admission staff and tour guides to gain their insight and perspective on the campus visit.

  • Post-Visit Report that includes:

    • audit/review of the current visit experience (from your website to the follow-up email),

    • recommendations and best practices for campus visit updates,

    • an online photo album providing you our outside view on your campus

  • Debrief Conference call:

    • After you’ve digested the report we’ll field your questions and clarify any recommendations made on campus or in the report.

Cost: $10,000 + travel