Visitor Logistics

Outstanding* Ribbons

Scene: Open House in the late fall. Leaves are turning (well, for some of you). Lots of people. And an audience that includes high school juniors, seniors, applicants and admitted students.

As an admissions pro, the question "What year are you?" is the gateway to several types of conversations with a prospective family. We all know the conversation you have with a high school senior is completely different than one with a sophomore. They have two very different sets of wants and needs.

But do you really need to ask that question? Not at our client the University of Arizona. They have brilliantly designed the ribbons in photos below to attach to guest nametags to help identify who is who for their admissions staff. "I'm Ready for Zona Zoo" - I am talking to an admitted student. "Wildcats #1 Fan" - a sophomore with a little time to go in this process.

Families are none the wiser and helps staff quickly identify where a student is in this process. And is fun, creates memorabilia and includes a sense of play.

Way to stand out, Arizona (and help families stand out too)!

*Pun intended.

You've Got Mail!

There are few things in life that make me happier than when online shopping packages arrive. Sad, but true. In this case, J.Crew has stepped up their packaging with fun tape and quirky messaging about what's in store for me inside the box (see photo below). We've all seen packages from online retailers with fun, on-brand messaging on the outside. It makes you smile and leaves you feeling excited to open your package.

Translate this feeling to your email confirmations for campus visits. We often see emails that are very transactional and devoid of emotion. There are tactical parts of a confirmation email that are crucial to setting expectations (where to park, where to check-in for the visit), but we miss thanking visitors for being interested enough to visit our institutions and exciting, fun tidbits they can expect as part of the visit.

We often champion, "It's not what you do or say, it's how you make people feel." If you got your registration confirmation in your inbox, how would it make you feel?