The Fix Is In

No Quiz Show here, just clothes on clothes on clothes.

I recently opted into my first Stitch Fix. It's been on our experience radar for awhile, and it was time I took the plunge. As someone who travels often, hates clothes shopping, and lives in a somewhat rural area, Stitch Fix seemed like a good fit for me. (All the puns.)

My two favorite parts:

  1. Stitch Fix seems to understand that setting expectations is key. They reinforce their process several times - on their website when you sign up, again in your confirmation email, right when you open the box (see left) and again on your order form. You're never lost along the way.
  2. Part of the process of getting the right items sent to you is a labor-intensive, detailed online questionnaire. Aside from me putting in clothes sizes and determining how much I would spend per piece, there were a lot of questions about my personality. Am I a top & jeans or more a dresses kind of gal? Do I wear a lot of gold jewelry, silver or a good mix of both?

My favorite part was getting to look at clothes collections and rate them from "Hate It" to "Love It" (see example below). This is where I feel like I truly revealed my style and what I was looking for in clothes.

The last piece of the process was Stitch Fix asking to peruse my social networks (see below). What better way to get to know me than to look at social media that I've been curating for years? My stylist gets to see what I normally wear and the personality behind it.

From this experience, two questions for you:

  1. If you have a super-detailed campus visit, a cumbersome registration process or complex directions on how to arrive to campus, what else can you do to set expectations beyond a confirmation email? That's just one touch point - what are other mediums you can use?
  2. The registration process is often the same at every institution. Name, address, what year you intend to enroll, potential major... But are you really getting to know students? Should you be asking for an Instagram account or a LinkedIn profile to help make the visit as personalized as possible?

And just in case anyone is dying to know - I kept one very soft, cream-colored sweater from my Fix that is sure to keep me warm on winter campus tours!