Client Case Study: Illinois College & Slack

If there's one area where Guest Experience Coordinator Tracy Garde at Illinois College (Jacksonville, IL) allows the tour guides to slack, it's their usage of Slack! Tracy implemented Slack with their tour guides this year and has had a lot of success in improving communication with the whole group.

Tracy mainly uses Slack for general communication, events announcements, and Illinois College trivia (which seems to be the favorite channel among the True Blue Ambassadors)! She tends to use the personal messaging feature quite a bit because, as she told us, " seems to grab the ambassadors attention more easily. During events, everyone knows to keep an eye on their phones (totally opposite of what I used to ask them to do!) for last minute changes and THAT has worked amazingly well."

Slack wasn't always the communication mode of choice for the Ambassadors. They used GroupMe and Facebook for a while and hit quite a few roadblocks. Everyone's phone would be blowing up all day since there's only one "channel" with all announcements and commentary on both platforms. With Slack, Tracy says "We have the Trivia convo feed and, if someone doesn't want to play for instance, because they don't want the interruption while studying, they can exit out of that feed. Slack is easier to manage members than GM was, and we've not had any issues with it going off line as we sometimes did with GM."

Brilliant! Check out some screenshots below of how Tracy's True Blue Ambassdors are using Slack. And get in touch with Tracy if you have questions about how she implemented and got student buy-in to use something new and different to communicate.

Way to go, IC!