"3 on Thursday" Wrap-Up - Resources, Links & Thoughts (Oh my!)


Render's Brittney Joyce hosted a Facebook Live event today, December 8th, and chatted with viewers about her experiences attending the Fast Company Innovation Festival (#fcny16)!

A replay can be found on our Render Experiences Facebook page (don't worry, it's only 30 minutes and you can choose to listen a la podcast if you want).

As mentioned during "3 on Thursday"...

Fast Company Innovation Festival (check out the schedule from the 2016 event, next year's info will be coming out in 2017)

Squarespace presentation-esque examples:

Leon Bridges and his journey

David Guttenfelder and his journey

Key & Peele Real Talk's live blogging/streaming event

Eataly's Adam Saper talks experiences and why food matters

We hope you had fun learning from Render Experiences and picked up a nugget or two of thought-provoking and useful ideas!

If you liked "3 on Thursday" and want more like this, let us know - email, tweet, comment on Facebook and Instagram, text, snap... you get the idea.

PS: As promised, below are the receipes for Eataly's Basic Egg Pasta Dough and Squash Ravioli with Butter and Sage (#yummmmmm). Buon appetito!

It was as good as it looks. :)

It was as good as it looks. :)

"3" on Thursday - December 8th at 3PM EST

Join Brittney Joyce on Facebook Live! Render's Senior Consultant will be sharing all the smarts from her recent trip to the 2016 Fast Company Innovation Festival (#fcny16) that you can apply to your campus visit.

She'll share 3 things - one big idea, one trend to consider and one ground-level tactic for your campus visit!

When: Thursday, December 8th at 3 - 3:30PM EST

Where: Render Experiences' Facebook Page

Who: YOU! Join in, listen and ask questions!

Note: This is not a formal webinar. Brittney will be at home - you may see her kitchen in the background or hear her dogs snoring. (She promises to do her dishes before broadcast.)

We hope you join Brittney for a quick 30-minutes of convo to inspire you for the last few weeks of the fall semester.

For more info, shoot Brittney an email at brittney@renderexperiences.com.

Yes, there's more to learn from the Brooklyn Brewery than what beers are on tap. :)

Yes, there's more to learn from the Brooklyn Brewery than what beers are on tap. :)