Self-Guided "Real Estate" Tour?

Summer is officially underway, and campus visit guests are flooding your campus! This is the time when you have very few current students on campus, but families still expect a robust campus visit (at all hours of the day). What happens when families swing by without setting an appointment and no one is available to show them around?

HELLO self-guided tour! Here's the rub though - is your self-guided tour basically a campus map with buidings numbered and short descriptions of what's in those buildings? Yep, that's what we call "The Real Estate Tour" of your campus. You're telling families "These are our buildings. There's stuff inside them. Apply to our school!" Not very helpful and doesn't reveal all the great things happening on your campus.

What if, instead, you created self-guided experiences? Consider the example below from Eataly in Boston, MA. (Yes, you know the Render team is obsessed with carbs which is why we love Eataly so much.)

Eataly locations are often packed, and there's little room to have a greeter at the door to walk you through the experience. So, they print these self-guided experiences and give you specific, engaging experiences that you shouldn't miss. We love that they title it "Things to DO", not just "Things to SEE."

Could some of your self-guided experiences include that special dessert guests should have at your dining hall? A great spot to stand for the perfect selfie? A favorite study carrel tucked away in the back of your library? Get creative and have some more fun with your self-guided "tour!"