The Power of Shared Experiences

We recently shared an article through our monthly Render Raves about the power of belonging and how consumers are looking for brands which align with their values.

A much larger conversation we're starting to have is - what does this shift in consumerism mean for higher education?

On a tactical level, what does this mean for the daily campus visit? How can you share and showcase your institutional values and invite your prospective families to share in those?

Last year, Jeff Kallay and I visited the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center in Seattle, WA. There is a really great display showcasing the Foundation's values and chosen social issues to support. After experiencing the center, the final piece is to acknowledge what you learned and are inspired to do for our global community. It's easy, fast, and allows you to see all the stories and pledges from people who shared your values.

How are you showcasing institutional values and capitalizing on the power of the shared experience?

Also, is this not the coolest use of sun/shadow? 

Also, is this not the coolest use of sun/shadow?