Save the (Training/Event) Date

Every great campus visit person understands that, even though you're in the thick of day-to-day logistics and operations, you always have to work six months in advance. Visitors want your calendars open online, which means scheduling tour guides, asking faculty and staff for help, and blocking off major event and university dates months in advance.

One of the biggest conundrums facing campus visit folks is the all-important task of informing tour guides about upcoming major event dates and training retreats. How many times have you heard "Well, I can't do that date because I already have this thing...?" To get tour guides when you need them, you must be first to get on their calendar.

Campus Visit Rock Star and our colleague at Lander University, Amanda Platt (Associate Director of Admission), took a tip from modern life and current culture. When our friends and family need us at important life events, do they give us a couple weeks notice? Of course not. We get... save. the. dates!

Amanda creates a series of magnets to help ensure Lander Ambassadors are where they need to be (and most importantly, when Amanda needs them most). Magnets are inexpensive, fun, stand out among the paper/flyers/postcards college students typically receive from organizations, and can be designed quickly and easily.

What are you doing to get on calendars 6 months out?

Hello Lander Ambassadors! 

Hello Lander Ambassadors!