The Great Debate: Technology

Technology, technology, technology. Just because we can doesn't always mean we should. We field a lot of questions about installing technology into Welcome/Visitor Centers - the content that should be on them, the right size, etc.

In our experience, technology can be cool in a Welcome Center space if it's done well. Touchscreens are all the rage, but they are expensive to install and update. We also find families don't want their choices on a touchscreen revealed to a crowded lobby area.

So, consider kicking it old school if you're looking for a way to engage families. Recently on a trip to my hometown, Dallas, TX, my family visited the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. We saw a special exhibit with unique collections of items - collections of Pez dispensers, Stars Wars memorabilia, historic Texas currency, and more. The display to the right included sticky notes and pencils and invited guests to write down what they collect.

What did my 12-year-old say was one of his favorite things in the museum? Reading the sticky notes that other visitors had left on the board.

To the right: So easy and fun even Gigi (my mom) and 5-year-old nephews wanted to share what they collect.

Technology can be flashy, but that doesn't make it memorable. Keep it simple (for you and your guests)!

TL;DR - High touch doesn't have to be high tech.

Yes, his hair is blue/green. It was a summer phase. 

Yes, his hair is blue/green. It was a summer phase.