Look to your past and make it relevant to today

While they've grown and added buildings, we find that many of our clients haven't moved far from their founding purpose, mission or raison d'être. Sometimes studying that history and finding stories that reveal it and make the connection to the here and now can simplify what makes you different from your peers.
We've been working with University of Washington and are continually amazed with their students and how they compete and often win on a global level, often over private, older and wealthier institutions. Call it scrappy. Call it can do. Huskies get it done, often against odds. Watch The Boys of '36 a PBS American Experience, and you'll be inspired by the story of UDub's gold medal winning crew team at the 1936 Olypmic Games in Berlin. In many ways watching it, I thought that is just like UDub today.
Your school has a proud heritage that got you where you are today, find the relevant shared experiences and tell them during your campus visit.