Lessons from Delta System Shutdown

As an Atlanta based enterprise, Render's preferred airline is Delta. It's been hard to miss news about their recent system shutdown, reboot and restart. Massive undertaking. Atlanta's airport (ATL) operates over one thousand flights a day for Delta. Our team was impacted by the meltdown with flights delayed, canceled and rebooked. We were so impressed with Delta's customer service experience online, on the phone, at airports and on flights. They demonstrated a tone, energy and eagerness to resolve customer issues. Even a day or two into it, they were staffed up with extra employees from the global headquarters at the ATL airport and even on boarding of planes.
The lessons learned are attitude and tone matter. We could tell the Delta employees cared and were trying to make it right. They didn't complain or blame. They also acknoweledged and had authority to fix it.
Many times your campus visit will go wrong. A glitch with your registration systems or another scenario. Remind your staff to first pinpoint the problem and eliminate the negative cue your guests are experiencing and then fix the cause. Often we want to ask, "How did this happen?" when we should be asking "How do we resolve our guests' situation?"