Less is more (one question survey)

"If you were hiring for customer service for your company based upon this recent interaction, would you hire this Delta employee?"
This one survey question at the end of a call to the Delta SkyMiles help line is an example of a best practice you should follow. It's simple, direct, to the point and respects my time while really answering what they want to know.
Often in our campus visit consulting we review our client's post-visit surveys and it's too many questions with too many levels of "Satisfaction" that also are selfish because you're determining what is of value, not your prospective guests.

Let's give one question a try:

  1. Based upon this campus visit experience, have we moved higher or lower on your prospective college list (or will you choose to apply or deposit)?

If you need some specifics then add two more:

  1. What did we do well (or what was the best part of visit for you)?
  2. What can we improve upon?

Less is more, your guests' time matters.