Mending {Metal} Fences

It's summertime on college campuses which means two things:

  1. Lots of visitors.
  2. Construction!

All too often, construction rolls into the fall semester, and we walk families on tour by sites framed by ugly metal fences. (Really, has there ever been an attractive metal fence?) Prospective familes want to know the story of construction, and we frequently encourage our clients to put renderings on fences to tell families what is coming, what it will look like and what the new construction means to the student body.

But, on a recent visit to our client the University of Iowa, we stumbeld across this brilliant idea in downtown Iowa City as they're remodeling one of the main thoroughfares in their retail and restaurant district. What was once an ugly metal fence has now been decorated with streamers from local patrons - the majority of which are Iowa students, faculty and staff. So easy to implement, engages the senses, low cost and high impact! What do you notice first: the construction or the streamers? Would you feel compelled to tie a streamer on the fence? We did!