"What %?" or "How many of your..."

Another May 1 has come and gone and right now smart enrollment leaders are asking, "How do we do things better next year?" Here's one tip: change the "commodity conversation" during your campus visits (and other parts of your admissions "experience").

Seems like every question we heard prospective parents ask during campus visits this spring began with "What percentage...?" or "How many...?"

If you don't rethink your strategy for answering questions that "commoditize" the transformative educational experience you offer, it will only get worse next year. Admissions staffers, tour guides, and student workers must learn to truly listen and smartly qualify these commodity-style questions—then boldy remind prospective parents and students that they too play an important role in creating their own desired outcomes. As this essay says,

"Unlike a car, college requires the 'buyer' to do most of the work to obtain its value. The value of a degree depends more on the student’s input than on the college’s curriculum."