"3 on Thursday" : 2016 Campus Visit Trends

Render Experiences had a banner 2016 thanks to our ten new and ten renewal clients. Dani Napier joined our team as Associate, and we launched our new website and this blog.

Along the way this year, our team has taken an estimated 200 campus tours, spent 300+ nights in hotels, presented at six conferences and flown 302 segments.

So during our last trip, Jeff Kallay and Brittney Joyce recorded this "3 on Thursday" video where they chat about three campus visit trends from 2016 and some tips related to them:

  1. Prospective families are obessed about the basics.
  2. You can't movitate student tour guides and ambassadors in a vacuum.
  3. Prospective families are bored quickly and the information session and tour have to be deconstructed into digestible nuggets.

Watch and ponder! We hope to see you in 2017 at one of the many conferences we'll be attending to discuss in person.

Until then, be merry and enjoy your holiday break!