It's all about the experience! (Happy 3rd Anniversary Render!)

16 years ago our friends Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore published The Experience Economy - Work is Theatre and Every Business a Stage. A recent Bloomberg Businessweek article confirms that the experience economy is here and that millennials and Homeland/GenZ will pay a premium price for them. While you don't yet charge for your campus visit (might you in the future), Millennials and your Homeland/GenZ prospectives students visiting campus have been raised in the experience economy Pine and Gilmore predicted. They gravitate to and expect brands to integrate the four e's (esthetics/entertainment/education/escape), provide mass-customization, engage the senses, engage emotions, have signature moments, tell stories and provide memorabilia. Now, today's smart enrollment officers make the campus visit a top priority with professional staff singulary dedicated to it and more funds to support it. The campus visit's profile has been raised and the number of entities that support it continue to increase and grow. Ten years ago we launched campus visit consulting at TargetX, three years ago in October we became Render Experiences. We've always heralded the power of experiences and our singular purpose is your campus visit experience because as we've said from the beginning, "It's all about the experience!"