August 2019

Is that travel season we're seeing in the distance? We're excited to be back on client campuses soon. Is the timing right for us to conduct our signature ambassador workshop Steps To Being Memorable with your students? Let us help you kick off the year right by setting your guides up for success!

“Your life is a story of transition. You are always leaving one chapter behind while moving on to the next.”
— Anonymous


Forget Tanning Beds. 

Housing, housing, housing. Long gone are the days of parents and students begging for lazy rivers and granite countertops. Luxury to Generation Z students means Uber and Lyft pick-up spots, strong WiFi, and collaborative spaces. 

Understanding Gen Z through the lens of their Gen X Parents

If you want to learn about Gen Z behavior, you don't have to look far. This article supports the notion that Generation X parents are teaching their offspring to be a lot like them - financially savvy, cynical, and autonomous. 


Years and Years

A limited series on HBO dramatizing our fast-paced, ever-changing global community (with a serious focus on politics and the fear surrounding raising children in today's world). Each episode progresses a few years into the future and shows you how grim our world could be. With Gen X parents already worried about safety, a show depicting an even scarier, more turbulent future is sure to stoke their fears.  

The Society

Lord of the Flies meets The Leftovers in this Netflix series about children who are left to raise themselves in a community where adults have mysteriously disappeared. Gen Z commentary abounds when children who've been hyper protected must now make their own rules to survive. 


We inevitably come across a welcome center bookcase featuring books written by faculty members. How often do families really pick up those books? Not often. If you've never been to The Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle, WA, put it on your list. Bookcases are filled with handwritten synopses from their staff. Could your faculty authors write a synopsis for their own book?