Ambassador Training

Best Fit:

Tour guides: the lifeblood of the campus visit and yet still mainly teenagers in need of a little guidance and empowerment to truly knock it out of the park with prospective families. This workshops talks of the importance of telling stories *million dollar tour* With the amount of colleges we have toured, we’ve heard it all in terms of horror stories. This is the time to let us help your tour guides with theirs. 

Main Priorities:

  • Tour guide training toward better storytelling and best practices

  • Ambassador management 

What it looks like:

  • In-depth reviews:

    • You provide data (visit numbers, conversion rates, survey results) and information (strategic plans, branding, recruitment publications) for us to evaluate.

  • One full day on campus: 

    • Render consultants spend time meeting with your visit leadership to gain their insight and perspective on the ambassador program.

    • Present Steps To Being Memorable to student tour guides.

      • The workshop is three hours in length.

  • Post-Visit Executive Summary that includes:

    • the presentation slide deck,

    • and summaries of our meetings on campus.

Cost: $6,000 + travel